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With pride in our heart and with great expectations, we present to the people of Assam, a legacy that shall carry on for generations to come – the NRC Updation process, which shall be written in golden words in the History of Assam.
Yes, indeed, public interest and expectations have started soaring high in the NRC Updation process and we, the TEAM NRC is touched and humbled beyond words, by the unconditional support showered on us by all of YOU. It has been a long journey for all of us – we have been training manpower of over 30,000 Government officials and Contractual staff to make the process easily accessible to you so that you all come out in great strength to make this initiative a roaring success. The entire strength of TEAM NRC has undergone extensive technical and soft skills training for various phases so that everyone is well informed.

Extensive use of state of the art IT techniques has been ensured to create an error free NRC. In order to enhance the capacity of the Team NRC in deployment and use of IT techniques and IT infrastructure in a scale never done before National Institute for Smart Government (NISG), an IT Consultancy Firm set up in Public Private Partnership (PPP) based out of Hyderabad has been hired as Project Management Consultants (PMC) for project NRC.

We have collaborated with key IT players from the private sector to bring in state of the art Information and Technology advances towards implementation of the project and to ensure corporate style professionalism in delivery of services to the public. Leading global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company, Wipro Ltd, serving clients across 61 countries & 6 continents has been selected to provide IT services to the Government for implementation of NRC updation. Wipro has developed the sophisticated software for installations at 2500 NSKs, 157 Circle Offices and at the NRC State Data Centre for capturing of data as per Application Form. Wipro is deploying IT infrastructure and trained manpower for setting up and operationalizing NSKs. Services of Wipro are obtained for engaging 942 operators across 157 Circles of Assam to aid and assist the Circle Officers in discharging duties of Circle Registrar of Citizens Registration. Further Wipro is setting up the NRC Data Centre with storage capacity of more than 40 TB for safekeeping of NRC data

Right from the Gateway of North East – Guwahati, the land of Ahom Kings and Queens – Sivaasagar, to the warm and lovely people living in hills and mountains across the length and breadth of the State, from the culturally vibrant region of BTAD, to the flood ravaged districts of Assam, people from every walk of life came out and became a part of the massive Public Awareness Campaign that was launched last month in all 27 districts of Assam. From informative and graphically enhanced Flip Charts for better understanding of the common mass about “What is NRC?”, to distribution of Leaflets containing details of the NRC Updation process in each and every Gram Sabha meetings held, we are trying to reach out to everyone. Miking rounds were also carried out for mass mobilization.

So far, 2460 Community Level Meetings have been successfully conducted and over 2,25,425 people have attended them. The awareness campaign shall be a regular exercise to educate the public on what they have to do during various phases. Extensive public awareness campaign through Print and Electronic media have also started. You can catch a glimpse of our advertisements that have come out in newspapers and the NRC Anthem here, which captures the vision of the NRC Updation process.

The Legacy Data, that are NRC 1951 and all available Electoral Rolls upto 1971, has been digitised in an easily searchable format. It is worth sharing with you all that uploading of over 260 GB of Digitised Legacy Data Digitisation (DLDD 1) data in a single laptop wasn’t an easy task. Just before the First Phase of NRC Updation process that is currently operational in Kamrup, Kamrup Metro, Nagaon and Nalbari, the uploading of 150 laptops (260 GB in each laptop) was successfully completed in two days.

Also, the installation of the In a Box Fluid Solution State Data Centre (DC) is in process. It has built in UPS 20 KVA with additional 20KVA redundancy. Storage capacity is of 40 TB. Equipped with 11 blade server and 3 rack servers. This is a unique solution implemented 1st time in India, which also has the cooling solution integrated. Click HERE for a view.

We are pleased to share the journey so far with you, THE PUBLIC, the largest stakeholder of this project – NRC UPDATION IN ASSAM.

United WE stand in this journey that has just begun! This chapter of history in the making will be impossible without your support and active participation.

Community Level Meetings as on 3rd April, 2015


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