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1. What are NRC Seva Kendras?

NRC Seva Kendras are Help Desks set up in each district covering approximately 2,500 households by each NSK. 2,500 such Seva Kendras are set up in Assam. The Seva Kendras shall assist the public in searching Legacy Data, issuing of Legacy Data Code, and in receipt of NRC Application forms.

2. Can I visit any NSK to search for my legacy document?

Yes, you can visit any NSK as one NSK has shall have the database of the entire state. However, for submission of Application Form one would be required to visit only the NSK designated for ones current area of residence. Know your NSK by visiting the website.

3. Can I submit the Application Form in any NSK?

No. The Application Form can be submitted only in the designated NSK that covers your present address. Each NSK displays a flex banner showing details of the villages/wards under its jurisdiction. The designated NSK shall receive Application Form only from the villages/wards earmarked under it. As such the public is required to acquaint themselves with their designated NSK.
Information about your designated NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) can be obtained from your Circle Office, DC Office, NRC Web-site (nrcassam.nic.in), NRC Toll-Free Helpline 15107.

4. Why should I submit only in the designated NSK?

Verification of Application Forms shall be conducted through the NSK officials. Officials of the designated NSK shall visit the address given as “Present Address” to conduct verification of applications received from only areas covered under that particular NSK. It would be important for persons mentioned in the Application Form to be available at the time of such visit. As such it is important to submit the Form only in the NSK that covers your present address and not permanent address or any other location where you will not be found if visited by the Verification Team for authentication of your application. As such to ensure that verification of your application is conducted smoothly, it will be required to submit Application Form only at the designated NSK. 

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