The persons whose names do not appear in the draft updated NRC, may file claim application within a stipulated period in the NSK where the Application Form was submitted.

A notice shall be issued to every person filing claim to substantiate his claim. Such person may adduce relevant documents in support of his/her claim for consideration of Registration Officer. The officer in charge of the NSK, designated as Local Registrar of Citizens Registration (LRCR), shall dispose the claims after the claimant is duly heard by way of a speaking order.

A person may also have an objection against entry of any name in the draft NRC. The objections to entry of names of persons in the draft updated NRC may be filed before the LRCR against any entry, in a prescribed objection format. Objection petition must be filed by bonafide persons on bonafide grounds. Submission of objections against inclusion of any name in the published draft NRC would require documentary evidence on the part of the objector found sufficient enough by the LRCR to establish a prima-facie case against the person objected against.

Any person can also apply for correction of his name or any other entry in his respect as appearing in the draft updated NRC, may file correction application within a stipulated period before the LRCR DISPOSAL OF CLAIMS & OBJECTIONS
Claims, Objections or application for Corrections shall be received at the LRCR offices in the same manner as the receipt of original Application Forms.

In all such cases, disposal would be carried out by the LRCR by conducting a hearing after giving notice to the person filing the Claim or Objection or application for Correction.

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