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JANASADHARAN REPORT :Janasadharan in its issue dated 25th September, 2016 published a report attributed to its Staff reporter under caption “এন আৰ চি’ৰ কামত স্থবিৰতা.....” in which it is alleged that the State Government has begun to neglect the process of updating of NRC in the State even though they publicly announced to accord topmost priority on it. The report also alleged that after the Personnel Department under control of the Chief Minister himself caused obstructions to the ongoing crucial phase of verification of documents by transferring Circle Officers, fund constraints has now affected NRC works. It is further alleged in the report that the Central Government released Rs 200 crore to the State Govt against revised budget of Rs 793.89 crore submitted by the State CM to Union Home Minister on 8th July, 2016 for NRC works, but the State Finance Deptt has released a paltry amount only out of the said Rs. 200 crore as a result of which no remuneration to Contractual Staff, DPS, CPS & WIPRO and Honorarium to Govt employees engaged in NRC works have been paid besides stopping of supply of POL to field staff for months. The report further alleged that Some Computers/Printers have been stolen from NSKs as the discontented night chowkidars neglected duties for non payment of their remuneration. As per the report a question has been raised by public as to whether NRC update process is being sought to bring to a standstill till granting of Citizenship to Hindu Bangladeshis after the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is passed.

Our Response :The report of the Staff Reporter, Janasadharan as published in its issue dated 26th September, 2016 is not based on facts. The verification works relating to NRC update process is going on full swing across the State and in no case works have come to halt. In fact, count of document verified and uploaded by district teams increased from 35,40,300 documents on 29-05-2016 to 91,89,800 documents on 25th September, 2016 which shows that normal functioning is not at all hampered. The report regarding release of Rs. 200 crore by the Central Government to the State Government against the revised budget of Rs. 793.89 crore submitted to Union Home Minister by the State CM on 8th July, 2016 is not based on facts.There is no fund which has been released by Government of India but yet to be released by State Government to NRC authority. Release of Central fund against the revised budget for NRC is still under process. The fact remains that even in the absence of any revised sanction by Government of India, the State Govt has earmarked Rs. 249.32 Crore in the State budget for NRC works. There may be some procedural delay in release of remuneration to NRC personnel, but it has been ensured to continue functions of the NRC update process. The remuneration to all the contractual staff has already been released up to month of August and release of remuneration for the month of September, 2016 is under process. The morale of the NRC team is very high and they are committed to work for NRC and deliver to best of their capacity without being perturbed by issues like delayed payment of remuneration. The report on theft of Computers/ Printers from NRC due to negligence of discontented night Chowkidars is also found to be not based on facts. Similarly, the apprehension expressed in the report that NRC update process is being sought to bring to a standstill is imaginary and motivated having no merit in it.

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