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DATED 08-12-2015 & 14-12-2015

The Assam Tribune Reports: The ASSAM TRIBUNE in its 8th December December, 2015 issue published a news item captioned “Mass signature campaign against anomalies in NRC update process” wherein it is reported that the people of Sipajhar under Darrang District having made a mass signature campaign for a correct NRC process under the direct supervision of Union Govt, investigation into anomalies of procurement of fabricated identity proofs/involvement of State Govt officials in tampering of original NRC documents and alleging erroneous process of granting citizenship to all the children of illegal migrants born in India up to December, 3, 2014 etc submitted a “6 point Charter” demanding amendment of Section 3 of the Citizenship Act, 1955, implementation of Clause 5.8 of the Assam Accord by detecting and deporting of foreigners, reservation/transfer of lands for Indian citizens alone, eviction of Bangladeshi encroachers from all lands in Darrang including the 77420 bighas under Sipajhar Revenue Circle to the President of India, Prime Minister of India and the Home Minister of India through the Deputy Commissioner of Darrang.

Our Response : Updating of NRC, 1951 in Assam is being undertaken as per provisions of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003 as amended thereof in 2009 and 2010. The entire implementation is being monitored by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. RGI has already caused an enquiry into the alleged tempering issue of original NRC in Kamrup Metropolitan district. Safety and security of Legacy Data is being ensured by the Deputy Commissioners. Children of illegal migrants born in India shall not be included in the updated NRC as alleged in the instant media report. Children only of those who are/were resident in Assam (and also other parts of India as per order dated 21stJuly, 2015 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court) on or upto cutoff date of 24th March (midnight), 1971 will be included subject to production of admissible documentary proof (documents prescribed as List A in NRC Application Form) and establishment of valid linkage with all such eligible persons.

Asomiya Khabar Reports : Asomiyakhabar in its 14th December , 2015 issue published a news item captioned “দৰঙতএনআৰচি’ৰবংশবৃক্ষপ্ৰপত্ৰকলৈবিভ্ৰান্তি, শংকিতৰাইজ” wherein confusion is alleged to have been caused in the minds of a section of the people as to the number of generations for which they are required to provide Manual family tree information against. The report further alleged insistence on physical presence of all the members by a section of VTs before them during their field visits which has caused resentment amongst the people.

Our Response : Detailed instructions about collection of information on Manual Family Tree (MFT) details have already been issued to all the Deputy Commissioners and field functionaries. Public have also been notified through mass media campaign in all the local dailies (with illustrations) as to how they need to provide their family tree details to the VTs while they undertake field visits house to house. Specific instructions requiring the members of the public to provide MFT details up to only two generations have been communicated to the public and the field officials. Instructions have also been issued to the VTs not to insist on physical appearance of all the members of a family if he/she is satisfied about the genuineness of their identity etc while undertaking field verification.There should not be any confusion on this issue as alleged. The Deputy Commissioner, Darrang, is however, asked to cause an enquiry into the matter and to furnish a detailed factual report to the undersigned within 4 days.

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