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DOINIK JUGASANKHA :Doinik Jugasankha in its issue dated 23rd August, 2016 published a report under the caption “এন আবসি নিয়ে পাৰ্শ্ববৰ্ত্তী বাজ্যেব সাহায্য নেয়নি অসম সবকাব : ভাগপ ” in which an Organisation called Bharatiya Gana Parishad (BHAGPA) is quoted to have alleged that a conspiracy is made to deprive two lakhs seventy thousand Bengalis from Tripura State from being included in NRC, Assam. The report further alleged that the no efforts have been made by the Govt of Assam to collect information on behalf of the Bengalis of Tripura from the Govt of Tripura which gives rise to increasing tension amongst the people coming from other States to live in Assam. It also quoted Shri Pabitra Kar, Deputy Speaker, Govt of Tripura as saying that Tripura Govt has already clarified through press release in media that the Govt of Assam has not taken any steps to collect any information from Tripura Govt.

Our Response :The report published in Doinik Jugasankha in its issue dated 23rd August, 2016 alleging that Govt of Assam has not sought any assistance and information from Government of Tripura for the Bengalis submitting documents issued by authorities under Govt of Tripura for inclusion of their names in NRC as part of a conspiracy to deprive them from inclusion in NRC, Assam is totally false, concocted and misleading. The fact remains that in compliance of Clause 3(1) of Schedule of ”The Citizenship(Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003”, 25008 documents of various categories in six batches have so far been sent for verification of their authenticity to Chief Secretary, Tripura since 9th January, 2016. The Govt of Tripura has already sent verification results against 1049 documents to the State Coordinator of NRC. With every subsequent batch of documents sent beginning with the first batch dated 09-01-16, the Chief Secretary, Tripura has continuously been requested to communicate the verification results to the State Coordinator of NRC at the earliest possible, preferably within 20 days of receipt of the documents as NRC updation is a time bound project being conducted under monitoring of the Supreme Court of India. In addition to the request made by the State Coordinator, RGI wrote D.O letter to all State Governments & UT administrations including Tripura to extend their cooperation and assistance in verifying the authenticity of the respective documents preferably within 20 days from the date of receipt of documents vide D.O.No.9/56/2014-CRD (NPR) dated 22nd January, 2016. RGI also sent directives to the Directorate of Census Operations of all State/UTs to liaise and coordinate with their respective State authorities vide No.9/56/2014-CRD (NPR) dated 15-02-16 in response to which, Deputy Director, Census Operation, Tripura is understood to have coordinating the document verification issue with Govt of Tripura. The State Coordinator, NRC, Assam reminded the Chief Secretary, Tripura about the very poor percentage of verification results received against documents sent to Tripura State which is likely to cause serious impediment in completing the process of updating of NRC within Supreme Court stipulated timelines vide No. SPMU/NRC/SVC-INTER STATE/254/2016/155-173 dated 4th June, 2016. The Chief Secretary, Assam also wrote D.O letter to the Chief secretary, Tripura with request for early return of verification results against the documents sent to Tripura State vide D.O letter No.SPMU/NRC/SVC-ISV/291/2016/9 dated 16th June,2016. Over and above, RGI has issued another D.O letter in continuation of their D.O letter dated 22nd January, 2016 to Chief Secretaries of all State/UT administrations including State of Tripura reiterating the need to expedite the results of verification of documents to the SCNR vide D.O letter No. 9/56/2014-CRD (NPR) dated 10th August, 2016. In view of what have been stated above, the alleged report published in Jugasankha in its issue dated 23rd August, 2016 is but a travesty of truth and members of the public are requested not to get misled by such concocted and false media report.

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